Vietnam starts its first waste-to-energy plant project

By DTINEWS, September 19th, 2013

The construction of the first waste-to-energy plant in Vietnam will begin on September 19, in Hanoi.

The construction is an attempt to reduce the amount of garbage in Hanoi and also to use the garbage to serve the society. It will be built inside Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex in Soc Son District.The Hanoi Urban Environment Company, the representatives of the owners of this project said they are seeing significant changes in waste management, especially toxic waste treatment.

Previously, Hanoi authorities built Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex in order to control the pollution arising from industrial wastes. However, new solutions are need when the amount of both common industrial waste and toxic waste increases rapidly and in tandem.

The new project which will provide the electricity for the whole Nam Son Waste Treatment Complex is one of the measures designed to deal with the glut of waste in Hanoi. Solid waste burial grounds may be reduced and the industrial waste in both Hanoi and neighbouring provinces will be properly dealt with.

It is expected that the 1,930 KW energy plant will be able to deal with 75 tons of waste per day. The VND612 million (USD30,000) project will be financed in part ( VND472 million) by the Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation. The organisation will also give technology aid with its rotary kiln and stoker incinerator.

The construction is scheduled to be completed after one year


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