VWS Gas-fired Power Plant to Operate in 2014

Monday,  February 25,2013,20:34 (GMT+7)
By Hoang Phi and Van Nam – The Saigon Times Daily

HCMC – Vietnam Waste Solutions (VWS) said its power plant operating on gas emissions from waste burial will be completed and put into operation early next year.

If unexpected things happen, the plant will start generating electricity in the middle of next year, said VWS general director David Duong. This means the power plant will begin operation later than originally scheduled, which is late 2013.

Duong ascribed the delay to the procedures for seeking supports from the clean development mechanism (CDM) from international organizations. Recently, VWS has received a funding approval from the United Nations.

Another reason for the delay is power price negotiation.

Duong suggested a selling price of 9.5 U.S. cents per kWh, equal to the cost of production, but the bid price was only seven cents per kWh. Therefore, the long negotiation process has recently been concluded.

The plant producing electricity from landfill gas worth some US$50-60 million is designed with a total capacity of 12 MW. In the first phase, VWS will install four generators with a combined capacity of 4 MW, said Duong.

Currently, VWS receives 3,000 tons of garbage in HCMC every day for treatment at a price of around US$17 per ton. The garbage is buried to create landfill gas for operation of the power plant.

VWS is asking HCMC to allow it to receive an additional 1,000 tons of garbage at a price of US$12 per ton to run its compost factory.

The compost factory with a daily capacity of 300 tons worth more than US$7 million is operating perfunctorily due to the lack of garbage.

At present, HCMC disposes of some 6,000 tons of garbage per day. The volume is rising 10% every year.

*The HCMC government is seeking approval from the Prime Minister for reallocation of land for industrial and hazardous waste treatment at the two waste treatment complexes Phuoc Hiep and Da Phuoc.

According to the petition sent to the Prime Minister last Tuesday, HCMC asks for an additional space of about 22 hectares for industrial and hazardous waste treatment at Da Phuoc Waste Treatment Complex.

Meanwhile, the city suggests reducing the area for industrial and hazardous waste treatment at Phuoc Hiep Waste Treatment Complex from 100 hectares to 86 hectares.

As planned by the municipal government, industrial and hazardous waste from the industrial parks Tay Bac, Tan Thoi Hiep and Tan Phu Trung and the small-scale industrial zones Hoa Phu and Tan Quy will be transferred to Phuoc Hiep Waste Treatment Complex in Cu Chi District for treatment.

Meanwhile, Da Phuoc Waste Treatment Complex in Binh Chanh District will be a place for treatment of industrial and hazardous waste from the city’s southern industrial parks such as Cat Lai and Hiep Phuoc, as well as Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone and Hiep Phuoc Port.

This measure will cut half the waste transport cost and minimize the risk of environmental accidents during the transport of industrial and hazardous waste to treatment facilities, says the HCMC government.

Nguyen Trung Viet, head of the Solid Waste Management Office under the HCMC Department of Natural Resources and Environment, told the Daily that the daily volume of hazardous waste in the city had risen to 700 tons, twice as much as the figure registered by enterprises. Because of limited capacity, the city-based waste treatment facilities are often overloaded.


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