Wind Farm Commissioned On Phu Quy Island

Jan 27 (The Saigon Times Daily) – PetroVietnam Power Corporation (PV Power) on Thursday inaugurated a wind farm on Phu Quy Island in the offshore district Phu Quy of Binh Thuan Province.

The power facility consists of three turbines with a total capacity of 6MW. Work on the VND335 billion project started two years ago, said Vu Huy Quang, president and CEO of PV Power.

When operating, it will provide around 25.4 million kWh of electricity every year.

The 6- MW wind power plant will meet about 50 percent of the electricity demand on Phu Quy Island, and the other half will be satisfied by thermo-power.

“PV Power is considering developing another wind mill on Phu Quy in the near future in order to increase the percentage of wind power to 80 percent,” said Quang.

The wind power project has great meaning to Phu Quy District of Binh Thuan Province, especially in terms of economic development, national security and defense.

Phu Quy District comprises ten islands, with Phu Quy being the largest and only inhabited island. The district has three communes, ten hamlets and 5,400 households with nearly 27,000 people, who make a living fishing and providing marine logistics services.

The district has a potential to supply around 5,000MW of wind power. The government of Binh Thuan has approved development of 12 wind power projects, two of which were built before the plant on Phu Quy.


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