Electricity, Coal and Petroleum’s January Data

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) disclosed January’s data of electricity, coal and petroleum and gas at its monthly regular press conference on February 4 as follow:


1.  Electricity 

Electricity output in January was estimated at 9787.7 million KWh, an increase of 25.7% from a year ago. In which, commercial electricity was 8867 million KWh, up 19.7% on year ( power supply  for industry and construction accounted for 54.7%;  electricity used for management and residential consumption accounted for 34.6% and power supply for trade, hotels and restaurants accounted for 4.7%).

2. Coal

Clean coal production and exploitation output reached 3.73 million tons in the month, down 7.2% from December 2012 but up 10.6% from Jan 2012.

Coal consumption was estimated at 3.27 million tons, down 24.2% on year but up 23.6% on month.  In which coal exports reached 0.8 million tons.

Coal inventory was estimated at 6.2 million tons by end of January.

3. Oil and gas 

In January, crude oil production was estimated at 1.44 million tons,  falling 1.6% compared with December 2012 but increasing by  1.4% from January 2012.

Natural gas production was estimated at 930 million m3, an increase of 0.9% compared with December 2012 and up 27.3% over the same period last year.

Production activities of the Dung Quat oil refinery was stable in the month with total output of 0.58 million tons of petroleum, up 0.2% on month and up 2.3% on year.


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