Impact Assessment of Namphoun Hydro power Project

Social economic newspaper, 7 Sept 2012

5 September 2012, Xayabury held a meeting in Paklay to consult about impact of Namphoun Hydro power project. Mr. Bounheung Syathone, vice of Paklay district governor was a chair man in the meeting, with participation of Mr. Pien Chanthip, head of natural resource and environment department, project representatives, Party secretariats of village, and chiefs of village from 5 affected villages.

In the meeting, Mr. Vongtaifa Sysouvong, project consultant from SOK Company limited informed that the hydro power dam locates far from Namphoun river mouth (flow to Mekong River) about 26.9 km to the north. Namphoun River has a source from mountain along the border between Xayabury Province (Lao PDR) and Nan Province (Thailand).

The project locates far from Kaenthao District (share border with Thailand) about 80 km along the road number 4.

Namphoun hydro power dam is nearby Phonengam village, Paklay District, Xayabury province and it is far from the river mouth 2.5 km above Namphoun River. The dam has watershed area about 1,181 km. It can contain yearly average rain 1,044 million cubic meters. Power generating is 50 Megawatts. Yearly average power generating is 245,79 GWH.

The main objective for social impact assessment of the project includes determining current socio-economic status, culture and environment; survey basic data to assess status and condition of socio-economic, culture, ethnic groups in the project site; determining area or villages which will be affected by the project development (Constructing and operating periods) and informing social and cultural impacts to affected people.

Critical impacts in term of social-culture were analyzed as the project design, construction and operation reveal impacts. Therefore, it could determine mechanism to mitigate the impacts and the construction for impact mitigation estimated as $ 95.5million.


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