EVN Sells Low-Price Power To Farmers

Southern Power Corporation under Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) has announced that it will sell power to farmers in An Giang Province at a lower price compared to the normal price by subsidizing the price for pumping stations.

According to the corporation, EVN will sell power to farmers in this Mekong Delta province at a price VND300 per kWh lower than the normal rate to help farmers cut production costs.

Selling low-price power to pumping stations will help farmers in An Giang Province save on an amount of VND200 billion each year compared to diesel pumps, reduce production costs and increase profits.

There have been 940 pumping stations developed in An Giang since 2008, raising the total number of power pumping stations in the province to nearly 1,500 which serve irrigation for over 255,000 hectares of rice, equivalent to 91% of farmland there.


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