Vietnam Invests in Two Hydroelectricity Projects in Southern Laos

Tuesday, August 28, 2012, 19:47 (GMT+7)

Sekong 3 and Sekaman 4 hydroelectricity projects were signed on August 27th in Vientiane, Laos, by a representative from the Lao Government and Song Da Group and Viet-Laos Electricity Joint-Stock Company.

The Sekong 3 hydroelectricity project, worth US $278.5 million, with Song Da Group as the project holder, will be capable of generating around 804 million kWh a year for 25 years beginning in 2015 under a concessionary agreement.

Meanwhile, the Sekaman 4 hydroelectricity project, at a cost of US$128 million, with Viet-Laos Electricity Joint-Stock Company as its project holder, is expected to generate an average of 316 million kWh per year for 25 years from 2016 under a concessionary agreement.

On behalf of investors, Duong Khanh Toan, Song Da Group’s Chairman of the Board, stressed that the construction of these two power plants and other hydroelectricity plants in Laos, is in accordance with the policies of Laos and Vietnam under their developing cooperation agreements.

The projects will contribute to ensuring energy security in Laos and Vietnam and boost export turnover between the two countries, supporting social welfare development and regional border defence and security.

On behalf of the Lao Government, Bounthavi Sisouphanthong, Lao Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment, praised the two Vietnamese companies and looked forward to their putting the two plants into operation soon, further promoting the two countries’ investment.

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