Loss-making EVN Cancels Plan to Send Officials Abroad

Updated : Sat, August 11, 2012,1:07 PM (GMT+0700)

EVN workers are setting up a power line. The group has requested that its subsidiary, SPC, cancel the plans to send 12 groups of officials abroad. Photo: VnExpress

The Southern Power Corporation (SPC), under the loss-suffering Electricity Group of Vietnam, has cancelled the plan to send hundreds of officials in 12 groups abroad from now to the end of the year.

Each group comprises 20-30 directors and deputy directors who have been selected to make trips to Hong Kong, Shenzhen; Taiwan; and South Korea for 5-7 days for sight-seeing and studying experience in power management and development.

EVN, which reported a total loss of over VND23 trillion (US$1.1 billion) in 2010 and raised power prices by 5 percent last month, had reviewed the plan and then requested that the trips be cancelled.

Dinh Quang Tri, deputy general director of EVN, said, “Every year the power sector has plans to send staffs abroad for training, but such plans must be designed properly in terms of scope, purposes and mechanism”.

“SPC is one of the group’s independent accounting subsidiaries and the cost of such trips will be borne by SPC itself. However, the group does not allow trips in which officials can take advantage of to travel for pleasure, or trips in which officials’ wives and children travel along and the company has to pay for them.”

SPC said it intended to cancel the overseas trips of another two groups but it could not, because all preparations for the journey have been already made and these groups will depart tomorrow (Sunday).

Since the beginning of this year, four similar groups have been sent to the same places for the same purposes.

SPC also said its training budget this year is VND116 billion (US$5.56 million), but the corporation expects to spend about VND54.7 billion, including about VND15 billion for overseas training.

“Such plans are aimed at helping officials learn more about power management and trading practices in foreign countries so that they can improve their management and operation skills,” Nguyen Tan Nghiep, deputy head of SPC’s organization and personnel department, told VnExpress before the cancellation was made.

Nguyen Van Binh, deputy director of the SPC, also said, “The expenses for such overseas trips make up a very small part of the training budget allowed by the State. Meanwhile, if we learn and apply foreign countries’ technologies and methods in management, we can increase the power sector’s productivity”.





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