SV Group Invested US$ 20 Million on Hydro-power Dam in Champask Province

Social economic newspaper online, 26 Jul 2012

SV Group invests US$ 20 million building Xe Nam Noi and Xe Ka Tam hydro-power projects for 50 years concession in Paksong district, Champasak province. MOU was signed to conduct a feasibility study, the president of the group told that the dams will be completed by the next 24 months.

Mr. Xaysonkham Vorlachit, the president of SV group information for social economic newspaper. Xe Nam Noi 1 project is a small-scale hydro-power with generation capacity 5 Mega watt, the total investment value is US$ 11 million.  It will be able to generate electricity for 44.5 Kwh/year. Concession period is 50 years. Buy-sell price will be 6,2 c$ / kwh during the 25 years period.

Xe Ka Tam 1 project is also a small-scale hydro power in Paksong District with generation capacity 5 MW, investment value is US$ 9 million. It will generate electricity for 44.2 Kwh/year. Concession period and buy-sale price are as same as the Xe Nam Noi 1.

The projects have been starting after the signing MOU between Department of Planning and Investment of Champasak province and SV Group in the end of 2009. It was conducted feasibility study, and EIA. According to the plan, the constructions are expected to complete by the next 24 months or 2 years.

The president of SV group told that currently, electric supply in Champasak has 75% of consumer use electricity from the main sources such as Xe Set1, Xe Set 2, Xe La Bam and importing from Thailand. To support economic expansion, especially the factory, agriculture, and mining , the government opens for hydro-power development.

Therefore, SV Group decided to invest US$ 20 million building the two hydro-power dams in Paksong District, Champasak province in order to contribute on income generation for the country and provide job opportunities for people. Also, it will contribute  on  biodiversity conservation and infrastructure development, strengthen economy.


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