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13:00 |10/07/2012 | NangluongVietnam

After 36 months of construction, Mao Khe Thermoelectric Power Plant – Vinacomin has been officially connected to the National Grid. The plant is built on the area of 3 communes: Xuan Son, Trang An, and Binh Khe of Dong Trieu District, Quang Ninh Province. The plant has an installed capacity of 440MW and a total investment of USD557 million (equivalent to about VND10,000 billion) from Vietnam National Coal – Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin) with Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Co. Ltd of China as the EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction).

Mao Khe Thermoelectric Power Plant – Vinacomin has 02 units arranged in blocks with each unit having a circulation boiler, a steam turbine, a generator, and a step-up transformer. This is an important thermoelectric power plant in the Power Development Plan VII, and the largest CFB circulation boiler thermoelectric in Vietnam using one of the most advanced technologies in the world.

The plant’s usage of dust coal will help the coal industry dispose the low-quality with low export value dust coal, which domestic customers do not use. This will help the Government maximize its revenue, enhance the value of its coal resources, and create more jobs for the coal industry as well as the relevant local areas.

The CFB technology is more environmentally friendly compared to the coal burning technology because of its ability to reduce sulfur in the exhaust gas through the inclusion of limestone in the combustion chamber and its ability to eliminate more than 99.8% of electrostatic dust.

CFB‘s combustion chamber can burn coal with a very high efficiency, thus the ash could be converted to construction materials. With a 150-meter high chimney, a closed cycle of water system and the recycle of water, this technology minimizes emissions into the environment.


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