Vietnam’s First Run-of-the-River (RoR) Hydropower Plant Generator |

At 7.45 AM on July 7th, 2012, Unit 1 of Chiem Hoa (Tuyen Quang) Hydropower Plant with a total capacity of 16 MW has been officially connected to the National Grid. According to expert assessment, upon its connection to the National Grid, Unit 1’s technical parameters including oil temperature, ring temperature, magnetic transformer temperature, power, vanes open angle, servo movements, etc. are all stable. Unit 1 will be operated by 26 technical assistants, divided into 6 crews.

Earlier, on June 25th, after a successful test run of the plant, the Management Team of Chiem Hoa Hydropower Plant has made final adjustments and inspections to ensure absolutely safe connection to the National Grid participation.

Chiem Hoa Hydropower Plant is the first low water pole hydropower plant project in Vietnam to use the bulb turbine technology, which allows the plant to generate electricity with a water-level difference as low as 2.5m. Hence, the required water surface is not large and population displacement and ground-clearing will be minimized. This technology uniquely preserves the natural flow of water currents and thus minimizes environmental impact.

The project received a total investment of more than VND1,700 billion from International Investment Construction JSC. Currently, the installation of turbines and generators for Unit 2 has been completed.

Unit 2 is expected to generate power in the beginning of September and the last unit will come online at the end of 2012. Upon its completion, the power plant will have a total capacity of 48MW and will be operating in-sync with 3 other units of Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant.

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