Approved Land Concession for Hydro-power Project in Kasi District, Vientiane Province

7 June, KPL

Vientiane province has approved a land concession for hydro-power project in Kasi district in 4 June. Mr. Oudong Phaipadid, the head of provincial planning and investment department and Khamsai Sitthiphone, the director of Samoi Hydropower company, limited signed a contract with the attending of other witnesses.

Mr. Khamsai Sitthiphone said “This project has been carried a feasibility study for 3 years that it is possible to invest this
project as it has no impact to villagers and the environment. This dam will cost more than 13.7 million USD. Its installation is 5 Megawatts and will produce 5000 kilowatt/hour/year and after signing the agreement, it will take two years to complete. Electricity will be sold to Electricity of Laos (EDL).


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