Vietnamese electric power consumption reached over 1000KWh per capita


 January 11, 2012

According to statistics released by Viet Nam Electricity, electric power consumption in Viet Nam has reached over 1000kWH per capita.
According to Mr Pham Le Thanh general director of Viet Nam Electricity, all sectors and the public have fully complied with the Government’s decree 171 issued in January 2011 on saving electricity in production and consumption. The nation was able to save an estimated of 1.31 billion kWh in 2011.

HCM City led all provinces in electricity saving, accounting for 30% of the nation’s total electricity output that was saved last year. Officials commit to expanding city programs to raise electricity saving awareness in 2012, especially that of the over 100,000 local students.

In 2011, EVN provided electricity to more than 81.6% of villages nationwide, with nearly 85% of households in rural areas buying electricity directly from EVN at government promulgated price.

Mr Thanh said that in 2012, EVN would also work on major projects to provide electricity for production, consumption and socio economic development. It will also continue restructuring and withdrawing capital in real estate, stocks and banking to focus on its core business.

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