Japan lends muscle to energy sector development

November 24, 2011

Vientiane Times

Energy officials are attending a workshop to learn from the Japanese experience regarding energy sector development, and will use what they learn to ensure sustainable growth of the industry.

The Japan energy policy trend is based on energy supply security and informed by economic efficiency, reducing import dependency, risk mitigation, energy saving, environmental concerns and renewable energy use.

The long term development of energy policy in Laos will benefit significantly from the Japanese experience as via Japanese studies they will have access to low cost renewable development analysis, giving the department the capacity to carry out energy policy planning.

The government plans to provide electricity to 90 percent of all households nationwide by 2020, a key factor in the country’s poverty alleviation aims for 2020. The plan also includes ensuring 30 percent of all energy consumed is sourced from renewable energy sources by the year 2020, and reducing dependence on imported fuel by 10 percent. In an export sense this will include transmitting 7,000MW of electricity to Thailand and 5,000 MW to Vietnam by 2020, which will come through the further development of the hydropower industry.

Source: http://laovoices.com/japan-lends-muscle-to-energy-sector-development/

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